You can cancel your Premium Membership on your own at any time. To avoid being charged, make sure to cancel your subscription before your next account renewal date, which you can see on the 'My Account' page. Read our payment and refund policies for more information. 

How to cancel your subscription:

  1. Log in to My Worksheet Maker
  2. Click on "My Account" in the top right corner
  3. Click the red "Cancel" button the billing section and confirm

    • NOTE: If you signed up through one of our sister sites (My Crossword Maker (Formerly Crossword Hobbyist) or My Word Search) and have a multi-site subscription, you must cancel through the original site where you signed up. In this case, there will be instructions in the payment and billing options section that indicates where to cancel.

      Example: If you have a My Crossword Maker subscription that gives you access to My Worksheet Maker, you can cancel your account by logging into My Crossword Maker.

After cancelling, you will still be able to create basic worksheets and access previously made materials by logging into your account.

If you have any issues cancelling your account, please contact support and we will assist.

If you have any input that could help improve My Worksheet Maker, we would love to hear it! Please let us know your comments or suggestions at: