My Worksheet Maker has hundreds of feature combinations you can use to make sure worksheet look exactly the way you want it. Here are some tips for getting the most of out of My Worksheet Maker:

Helper Template: All Features In One Document

The Worksheet Tips and Features Template provides an overview of several questions set ups with instructions about how to configure each. Click "Copy", then explore the sidebar for examples of how to set up similar questions on your own worksheets:

Additional Advice:

  1. Play with the features. The best way to get to know the tool is to play with it. Open all of the menus, explore the features, and see what you can do. You'll be making amazing-looking worksheets in no time.

  2. Explore other worksheets. Head over the to Community Library to see what others have done. You can save and edit any public worksheet by clicking "Copy" on the publish page. Then, you can look at their set up on the
  3. Utilize the Style Pop-Out. Something as simple as changing the entire worksheet's spacing can really improve the look of your worksheet.