My Worksheet Maker's Community Library is the collection of publicly published materials that have been created by other teachers, educators, and members. Each free, printable worksheet in the Community Library can be added to your own library. You can also save and edit public worksheets to meet your own classroom needs, print them as PDFs, and/or rate them for quality.

How can I access the Community Library?

You can access the Community Library from the front page of My Worksheet Maker by clicking "Browse". You can sort by title keyword, worksheet type, subject, or grade level and browse materials created by other educators. Creating, editing, saving, and printing worksheets is free and always will be.

For example, you could look for Pre-K worksheets, 6th grade math matching assignments, high school Spanish fill in the blank worksheets, or second grade cursive handwriting worksheets.

Can I use or adapt someone else's worksheet? How?

Yes! This is one of the best features of My Worksheet Maker. You can customize another teacher's worksheet to fit your own needs--all for free!

Simply find the worksheet you want to adapt, hover over it, and click 'Edit a Copy.'  From there, you can make any changes you want. If you are logged in, the worksheet will automatically be added to your personal library and your changes will be saved as you work.

Editing another user's worksheet is also a great way to get to know the maker better.

Are my worksheets automatically added to the Community Library? Is that required?

When you publish a worksheet, it will be added to the Community Library by default and will be discoverable by other users. My Worksheet Maker's Premium Members have the option of saving worksheets as 'Private'. A 'Private' worksheet is not added to the Community Library and is viewable only by the creator.

Can I rate the worksheets in the Community Library? How?

Yes! All users are encouraged to rate the worksheets they find in the Community Library. Once you are signed in, simply find the worksheet you want to rate and click on the stars to rate it.