With a free account, all worksheets you create are automatically published in the Community Library.  Anyone can find, view, download, share, or edit a copy of any public worksheet you make. (Note: The Community Library does not include any personal information about worksheet creators, such as your email address).

All single purchases and paid memberships have the option of saving worksheets as ‘Private’, which makes worksheets viewable only to you, the creator. Private worksheets are kept out of the Community Library and are not publicly available. You must be logged into your own account to see them.

Saving worksheets as 'Private' is a great option for tests and quizzes, if you want to sell your worksheets on websites like Teachers Pay Teachers, or if you would just prefer to keep your creations to yourself.

How to Save Your Worksheet as 'Private'

To save your worksheet as 'Private', follow these steps:

  1. Create and customize your worksheet
  2. Click 'Make Printable' on the sidebar
  3. Select the "Private" radio button
  4. Select your other options and click 'Make Printable'

And voila!

To learn more about your Premium Membership options or to upgrade, simply log in and click "My Account".