Our goal is to support educators around the world by keeping our basic features free for everyone, forever. We truly believe that all teachers should have access to the tools they need to make basic classroom materials quickly and easily.

My Worksheet Maker is funded by Premium Members, who make it possible to keep the site up and running for our community. Becoming a Premium Member unlocks every single tool, style, and option on My Worksheet Maker.

Q: What features do I get with Premium Membership?

All premium features are indicated by a small star icon in the worksheet maker. Premium features include:

  • Saving worksheets as 'private'
  • Printing worksheets without our logo
  • Additional layout and print settings
  • Fun fonts and jazzy colors
  • More personalized style and numbering options
  • Better organization of saved worksheets
  • And more!

If you become a Premium Member, you will not only enjoy full access to My Worksheet Maker, but you can also feel satisfied knowing that your money directly supports free access for teachers around the world.

Q: Why do you even have Premium features that cost extra? Can't it all just be free?

Our mission is to provide educators around the world with a free way to make high-quality worksheets--regardless of their financial resources. That said, keeping an ad-free website up and and running is surprisingly resource intensive.

Our option for paid, Premium Membership is the only source of funding for My Worksheet Maker. Unlike other "free" online services, we do not believe in tracking and selling your personal information to third parties, cluttering your screen with ads, or using other invasive tactics to make a quick buck.

Instead, we value providing a high quality product that helps educators save time and money with technology. Funding from Premium Membership helps us run, maintain, and improve our website; lets us pay our committed and caring staff; and keeps basic features for free for everyone to use. Without our Premium Members, we would not be able to keep My Worksheet Maker going.

In short, Premium Members keep the lights on.

Q: What does Premium Membership cost?

To explore membership options and pricing, do the following:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to 'My Account'
  3. Click the "Go Premium!" button

This will show you the different plan options, which start for as little as $8.25/month. You can also sign-up for a Premium trial if you want to try it first.

We hope that you consider becoming a Premium Member and help us in our mission to support educators around the world.