We love teachers. Everyone on our team has family members, great friends, and partners who teach--some of us have even been teachers ourselves! We love the teachers in our lives, but we did not love watching our friends and loved ones spend so much of their own personal time and money preparing classroom materials (meet the team on the My Crossword Maker Blog).

After helping thousands of educators with My Crossword Maker and My Word Search, we also heard a lot of feedback from users who wanted more: more features, more options, more types of activities. So we started wondering: What else could we do to help our friends save time and effort?

We did some research and discovered that most teachers spend 5-6 hours each week creating classroom materials. A large chunk of that time is dedicated to formatting existing content. Suddenly, we had our idea: a customizable tool that saves time by simplifying formatting for the classroom.

After a year of planning, building, and testing, My Worksheet Maker was born. We are proud to say that our labor of love is:

  • Completely ad-free (well, with the exception of our own ad for Premium Membership)
  • Fast and easy to use for any level or subject, including math and Spanish
  • Equipped with intuitive templates for popular worksheet types
  • Flexible. Upload existing content directly or enter it manually
  • Useful for all kinds of assignments, including homework, quizzes, and bell work
  • Responsive and helpful, with timely support from real people

So far, we have heard good feedback about how My Worksheet Maker has simplified the process of creating worksheets, assignments, quizzes, homework, bell work and other classroom activities, but our story doesn't stop there.

We believe in working to constantly improve and optimize our tools to make them the most helpful and the most efficient possible.We encourage you to try out our free online worksheet making software and tell us what you think. If you like what you see, considering getting a Premium Membership to help us support educators around the world.

If you have an idea or a suggestion to help improve My Worksheet Maker, please reach out to us today!