When you print worksheets, you have the option of either displaying the answers (an "Answer Key") or leaving the answers blank. If you want your students to have a worksheet, you can turn the answer key off. If you want to have a grading guide, you can keep it on. 

You can switch between the two by doing the following:

  1. Log-in. You have to be logged in to your free worksheet maker account to print. Sign-up is easy and only takes a few seconds.

  2. Click on 'Make Printable' on the bottom left (purple) side-bar. Fill out your worksheet information and click the 'Make Printable' button. If your worksheet is already published, you will only see a 'Print' option.

  3. Choose 'Answer Key' options on the final print screen. Use the 'Answer Key' toggle to switch between hiding or displaying the answers in red.

  4. Print, download, or share, as needed. You can print both versions to have one for yourself and one for your students.